Thursday, December 10, 2009

11th december 2009

today i woke up at a crack of't really know why but i think it's because of my really bad ache on my back.i brushed and cleaned my toilet the day before yesterday,so i guess that's the 'dominant' papa plan to go to kuantan this morning but it did not work out consider that he just realized today is his friend's wedding,i think he didn't wanna dissapoint the groom and are willing to cancel his two-days plan for kuantan.afterward,we went to mesramall on the way back home cause the wedding were held at kerteh.there were so many people from all walks of life at mesramall cause i think there were some sort of like a futsal competition went on.we had or lunch at pizza then we went back home cause papa and my little cousin have to go to usual friday prayer.n now,i'm just waiting for 90210 and gonna get ready for my add math tuition tonight.i supposed to have my tuition on thursday morning,but then i had to take good care of my cousin cause both of my parents were not home yesterday.i'm in group tonight i have to lodge in group 1.i don't really like to be in other group cause mine are awesome but then i have is a waste if i don't go at,daa....................................

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